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Did you know that over 30% of internet users use VPNs? They do this to see restricted content safely. But, sometimes, using VPNs wrongly can be risky. That's why a good, best free VPN blocker software is essential.

Best VPN Blocker Free Block VPNs for Free

PrivadoVPN Free is a top free VPN blocker for Windows. It's better than many paid versions when it comes to letting you see more online. It has a free VPN blocker download that gives you key privacy features like a kill switch and split tunneling. These keep your internet use safe.

Despite being free, PrivadoVPN is fast, up to 350 Mbps. This is more than lots of paid VPNs. Even with a limit of 10 GB of data a month at full speed, you can still use slower speeds after this. And you can still watch US Netflix and more without paying for a VPN blocker free download.

Key Takeaways

  • PrivadoVPN Free is a top-performing free VPN blocker for Windows that offers excellent unblocking capabilities.
  • With a free VPN blocker download, you get essential privacy features like a kill switch and split tunneling.
  • PrivadoVPN delivers fast speeds up to 350 Mbps, making it one of the best free VPN blocker software options.
  • Despite a 10 GB monthly data cap, you can still browse at slower speeds once you reach the limit.
  • PrivadoVPN excels at streaming, reliably unblocking US Netflix and other services for free.

What is a VPN Blocker and Why You Need One

A VPN blocker is key to keeping your network safe. It stops people from getting in via Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) without permission. Free VPN blockers can protect your privacy and security without slowing down your internet.

A free VPN blocker for Mac or Android ensures your activities stay private. It doesn't keep logs of what you do, which is great. This way, you can stop bad actors from entering your network and keep it safe.

Proton VPN Free is famous for putting your privacy first. It offers great features:

  • Unlimited data lets you do anything on the web without limits.
  • High-speed servers ensure your internet stays quick and stable.
  • Apps that are open-source and have passed tough security checks mean your data is safe.
  • A reliable kill switch disconnects you if the VPN connection is not secure.

But, Proton VPN Free doesn't let you pick where your server is located. This could be a problem if you need servers in specific places.

FeatureProton VPN FreePaid VPN Blockers
Data LimitUnlimitedVaries
Server SpeedFastFast
Open-Source Audited AppsYesVaries
Kill SwitchYesYes
Server Location ChoiceNoYes

Comparing free VPN blockers with paid ones shows some differences. While free choices have good security, paid options might offer more features. Nevertheless, for keeping out VPN intruders, free blockers are a strong option.

How Free VPN Blockers Work to Protect Your Network

Free VPN blockers help keep your network safe by stopping unauthorized VPN use. They do this by recognizing the signs of VPN traffic and stopping the hidden data. A good example is PrivadoVPN. It uses its servers to hide where you really are. This means you can browse the web with privacy and security. Plus, it won't slow you down too much.

Detecting and Blocking VPN Traffic

The best VPN blocker apps are smart. They check the data going through your network for VPN signs. If they spot VPN use, the app will stop it. This way, your network stays safe without bothering your surfing.

Advantages of Using a Free VPN Blocker

Using a top-notch free VPN blocker has many good points for your network safety:

  • It keeps out unwanted visitors by blocking VPNs.
  • It makes sure everyone follows VPN rules at work.
  • It stops important data from sneaking out in VPNs.
  • It helps the network run smoothly by managing VPN traffic well.

PrivadoVPN is a prime choice for this. They manage servers in 45 places all over the world. This network helps block VPNs effectively and safely. You can use their service for free or choose a paid plan. The free version lets you connect to servers in 14 cities, but with some limits.

FeatureFree PlanPaid Plan
Server Locations14 cities45 countries
Monthly Data Limit10 GBUnlimited
Simultaneous Connections110

Even with some limits, PrivadoVPN is a game-changer in network security. It uses smart methods and a vast server network to keep you private and secure online.

Top Features to Look for in a Free VPN Blocker

Looking for the best free VPN blocker means checking for important features. These keep your network safe and make your experience better. The right software will find many VPN types, be easy to use, and update often.

Comprehensive VPN Detection

Any good VPN blocker must find and stop various VPN types. This keeps your network secure. It should use clever ways to detect sneakier options without slowing down your browsing.

User-Friendly Interface

A top free VPN blocker is useless if it's hard to use. Look for something easy to set up and use. This is vital for those not so tech-savvy. A clear interface saves time and stops mistakes that could risk your network.

Regular Updates

VPN technology always changes, making it hard to block them all. To combat this, choose a VPN blocker that gets updates. This ensures it can face new threats and protect your network as time goes on.

Atlas VPN stands out as a reliable and secure VPN blocker. It has a free version with limits but is a good choice for many users:

FeatureAtlas VPN FreeAtlas VPN Paid
Server Locations332+
Monthly Data Cap5 GBUnlimited
Streaming AccessLimitedOptimized

Despite some limits, Atlas VPN's free version is a great option. It's reliable and affordable. Focus on key features like detection, easy use, and updates to find the best block-keeping software without overspending.

best vpn blocker free

Looking for a top free vpn blocker? PrivadoVPN is a great pick. It balances security, privacy, and speed very well. This makes it perfect for those needing a free vpn blocker online. With PrivadoVPN, blocking unauthorized VPNs won't slow you down.

Hotspot Shield is another strong player in the free VPN blocker space. It's known for its very fast speeds. But, you'll see a video ad every 15 minutes on this service.

For those in search of a free VPN blocker, TunnelBear is also a good option. It offers strong encryption and keeps your IP address safe. Plus, it has servers in over 40 countries. However, its free version is limited to 8 GB of data per month. Also, you can't watch Netflix on it. Despite these limits, it's a good choice for those who value their security and privacy.

VPN BlockerKey FeaturesLimitations
PrivadoVPNExcellent balance of security, privacy, and performance; Effectively blocks unauthorized VPN traffic; Fast connection speeds
Hotspot ShieldLightning-fast speeds; Considered one of the fastest free VPNsRequires watching a short video ad every 15 minutes
TunnelBearStrong encryption; Reliable IP address protection; Extensive network of servers in over 40 countries8 GB monthly data limit; No Netflix access; Allows up to 5 simultaneous connections on the free plan

When choosing a free vpn blocker, key factors include security, impact on speed, and any limitations. By carefully thinking about these, you can pick a top free vpn blocker that meets your needs.

Setting Up Your Free VPN Blocker

Setting up a free VPN blocker is easy and quick. With most providers, you'll find simple apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. This makes starting with a free vpn blocker for mac or free vpn blocker for android hassle-free. Just follow the steps and you'll have better network security with the best free vpn blocker software around.

Installation Process

Here's how to get your free VPN blocker ready:

  1. First, go to the website of the VPN blocker you've picked.
  2. Then, download the app for your specific device (like Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android).
  3. Next, just install the app on your device by following the instructions.
  4. And finally, open the app, set up an account or log in, if you have one already.

“PrivadoVPN has a simple app for newcomers, but it also gives options for those who know their stuff.”

Configuration Tips

After installing, these tips can make your free VPN blocker work even better:

  • Choose the best detection settings so the blocker spots and stops any unauthorized VPN use.
  • Put any approved VPNs on a whitelist. This could be for people working remotely or partners.
  • Then, try connecting to the network with a VPN the blocker hasn't okayed. If all's set right, you shouldn't get through.
ProviderKey Features
PrivadoVPNIntuitive app, customizable settings
Proton VPNUnlimited data, open-source audited apps

To guard your network from sneak VPN use for free, go for a known VPN blocker like PrivadoVPN or Proton VPN. Then, use the steps for setup and setup we've shared. This way, you keep your network secure without any extra expenses.

Comparing Free vs Paid VPN Blockers

Choosing between free and paid VPN blockers is crucial for network security. Free blockers give basic protection. But, paid blockers often have more features that might be better for you.

Paid VPN blockers can do more in terms of finding VPNs trying to get in. They use complex tech that's updated regularly. This keeps your network safe from new VPN tricks.

Paid blockers also bring extra tools for protection and control. You can customize a lot. For example, you might be able to whitelist certain VPNs you trust. This means you can set up the perfect protection for your network's unique needs.

Then, paid services usually have more servers in more places. This makes them faster and more reliable in stopping VPN use. This is key if your organization is big and spread out or deals with lots of internet traffic.

But, some free options are strong too. PrivadoVPN and Proton VPN, for instance, are known for good security. They use solid encryption and don't keep logs. They're a great no-cost way to protect your network.

Popular paid options, like NordVPN, Surfshark, and Hotspot Shield, shine with extra perks. They have better technology and support to give you the best connection possible. For example, they have more servers, good for streaming, and help available at all hours.

VPN ProviderFree VersionPaid Version
PrivadoVPN10 GB data limit, 1 connectionUnlimited data, 10 connections
Proton VPNUnlimited data, 1 connectionUnlimited data, 10 connections
NordVPNNo free versionUnlimited data, 6 connections
SurfsharkNo free versionUnlimited data, unlimited connections

Sometimes, paid VPNs offer deals to try to get more users. NordVPN, for one, offers a free month occasionally to new users. Surfshark lets you try their full version free for a month, with an easy opt-out if it's not for you.

When it comes down to it, your choice depends on your needs and budget. Free blockers can be good, but paid ones usually offer more, like advanced features and top support. Think about what matters most to you, like how well it detects threats or how easy it is to use, before choosing.

Limitations of Free VPN Blockers and When to Upgrade

Free VPN blockers offer basic protection, but they have limits compared to paid ones. It's important to know these limits to decide if a free option is enough for you. Or, if you need to upgrade for better security.

Restricted Features

Free VPN blockers lack many advanced features. These include:

  • Less options for adjusting VPN blocking and detection
  • A limited number of devices you can protect at once
  • Slower speeds because of many users and few server resources

Atlas VPN's free version has 3 server locations and a 5 GB data cap. This might not be enough for heavy internet users or big streamers. Also, TunnelBear's free plan doesn't let you watch Netflix. This makes it bad for people who love to stream movies and shows.

Network Size Constraints

Free VPNs have fewer servers than paid ones, affecting performance. This leads to:

  1. Limited content access from different regions
  2. Slower service with more people on the same server
  3. Less ability to access region-locked websites and services

When picking a free VPN blocker, consider what you use it for. If you often use a lot of data, need more servers, or want better security, you should think about upgrading to a paid VPN.

Free VPN BlockerLimitationsWhen to Upgrade
Atlas VPN3 locations, 5 GB monthly data capFor unlimited data and more server locations
TunnelBearNo Netflix access, 8 GB monthly data limitTo unblock streaming services and get more data
PrivadoVPN10 GB monthly data limit, 1 connection at a timeFor unlimited data and simultaneous connections

In the end, while free VPN blockers start you off well in terms of security, paid services offer more. Knowing what the free version lacks and what you really need helps make a smart choice. This is whether to keep using a free blocker or go for a premium one for better security and performance.


When you focus on keeping your network secure, free VPN blockers work well as a first defense. They may not have all the fancy features or big server counts of paid options. But, the best free VPN blockers still offer good protection. For example, PrivadoVPN is great for streaming and has fast speeds, even on its free plan.

Looking for privacy and unlimited data? Proton VPN's free version might be your pick. They care a lot about digital rights. When picking a free VPN blocker, pay attention to how well they spot VPNs, how easy they are to use, and how often they update. These are key signs of a good product.

Free VPN blockers are a great start to network protection. They let you try out protection before spending money. Upgrading to a paid plan offers more features and customization. Plus, you get to use lots of servers for better performance. Knowing what free options can and can't do helps you choose how to best protect your network. This way, you get something that fits your needs and budget.

FAQ about Block VPNs for Free

What is the best free VPN blocker?

Our favorite free VPN blocker is PrivadoVPN. It's great for streaming, with speeds up to 350 Mbps. It comes with a kill switch and split tunneling for privacy. Yet, it limits you to 10 GB of data each month. If you go over, you can still use it, but your speeds might decrease.

How do free VPN blockers work?

Free VPN blockers spot the signs of a VPN and stop the encrypted data. This keeps outsiders from your info. They use special servers to hide where you are. This gives you safe, fast browsing.

What should I look for in a free VPN blocker?

For a good free VPN blocker, check that it can find and stop many types of VPNs. It should be easy to use and update often. This way, it keeps up with new VPN tech.

How do I set up a free VPN blocker?

It's easy to set up a free VPN blocker. Download the app for your device. Then, choose the right settings. You might need to allow some VPNs you trust. Finally, give it a test to make sure it's working how you want.

What are the limitations of free VPN blockers?

Free VPN blockers might not have as many options as paid ones. You might not connect to as many devices at once. Also, they could be slower, with fewer servers. This can mean less power and slower unblocking of content from other countries.

Is a free VPN blocker enough, or should I upgrade to a paid version?

Free VPN blockers give you basic protection. But, paid ones offer more, like better detection and features. They also have more servers and help when you need it. Think about paying if you need more data, server places, or advanced safety.